It is a time of turmoil in the galaxy.

The GALACTIC EMPIRE has risen to prominence from the shattered and disbanded body of the former REPUBLIC SENATE. With the loss of the Senate, former senator CHANCELLOR PALPATINE rose to power and became the Emperor of the nascent Empire.

Along with the fall of the Republic, the legendary protectors of justice, the JEDI ORDER have been wiped out by a surgical strike called ORDER 66. Leaving the order broken, the few survivors have scattered, hunted by former allies and given no place to turn.

Your parents and guardians were the last of the Jedi Order, now exiles from the civilization they used to protect have taken up residence on a planet far from the galactic core called Seoul, along with other families fleeing the persecution of the Empire’s xenophobic pograms.

Your parents have given up the fight, and their stories are done.

Fate, or perhaps something greater, has brought you into friendship of a scholar named ASHUR SUNSTRIDER who is chasing the ashes of the fallen Jedi, believing not only that they were real, but capable of great feats. Moreover, he believes you have inherited their abilities.

Now, he has reached out to you for help, and with your newfound strength flourishing, you set forth into the greater galaxy to travel among the stars and the villainous Empire to find your Destiny.

Among the Dust

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