A sentient, crystalline lifeform who inhabits the body of a large, menacing droid.


Without the droid body he inhabits for transport and tactile interaction with the physical universe, the untrained eye would dismiss Archimedes as merely a geological oddity.

He is of the Shard and, as the name implies, he is a silica-based inorganic life form. A jagged hunk of faintly glowing amber crystal, half a meter tall and seemingly inanimate and unperturbed by the machinations of the universe.

Given the rather immobile nature of his race, Archimedes opts for a two and a quarter meter tall magnaguard chassis that he manipulates through the force. Concealed within the wrists of this chassis are twin heavy blasters and the body of the droid itself is wrapped in the concealing robes of a Jedi sentinel.


For five and a half centuries, Archimedes served the Jedi as an Iron Knight. His inception to the Jedi order was rather unceremonious, compared to typical ascension of a padawan- he was simply carved from the surface of his homeworld and placed inside a droid body of his own design. There he remained until the disastrous events in the twilight of the Republic.

To the Shard, becoming an Iron Knight is both a tremendous honor and a terrible burden. The Shard are possessed of a single, interconnected consciousness. The emotions, desires, pains and perspectives of one Shard are harmoniously shared by all…unless they are severed as Archimedes was. Through a willful act, he volunteered to be separated from the Harmony and entered into service to the Jedi. His metal body provided him physical freedom that most of his race could barely comprehend but at a steep price: his separation from the rest of the Shard meant that he would always be aware of the other Shard and somewhat in tune with the Harmony but would never fully integrate so long as he remained separated.

Archimedes had always assumed that when the Jedi had fulfilled their purpose and peace was won, he would return to his homeworld and once again integrate into the Harmony. His reward for many lifetimes of service, however, would not come to pass following the treachery of Palpatine and the fall of Anakin Skywalker.

The Jedi were slaughtered en masse as the Republic fell and those that survived the initial purge were mercilessly hunted down. Only a handful of Jedi escaped the terrible reach of Darth Vader, fleeing to the ragged edges of the galaxy to live out their days in exile.

It was here that Archimedes concealed himself, helpless to act as the Empire’s diggers alighted upon Orax and ground the entirety of his race to dust. Where there was once the comforting hum of his species’ collective consciousness, there was now a terrible deafening silence. Archimedes abandoned his combat exoskeleton and would, for decades, assume the role of a harmless protocol droid and silent guardian for the ragtag band of exiles and their offspring. It seemed that this was to be the peace for which so much was sacrificed…until a curious stranger arrived and began to complicate matters.

Now, Archimedes has once again answered the call of justice and as he accompanies two young Force-sensitives on an mission of discovery and danger, he can hopefully temper the haunting echoes of his species’ death rattle that ever seeks to unhinge his sanity and solve the mysteries of a past he had thought was long dead.


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